Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Independence Day Mauritius

. Thursday, March 12, 2009

Today, 12th march 2009 is the creation of this blog! It coincides with the independence of Mauritius.

To begin, lets chant the national anthem together:

Glory to thee, Motherland,

O motherland of mine.

Sweet is thy beauty,

Sweet is thy fragrance,

Around thee we gather

As one people,

As one nation,

In peace, justice and liberty.

Beloved country, may God bless thee

For ever and ever.

You will also want to hear the complete song:

..And why not hear the instrumental version of the national anthem?

Now lets get to something serious:

I wish all the people residing in Mauritius Only a Happy independence day! (Those who are abroad are slave of that country!)

Mauritius is an island with very limited natural resources. I.e. nou pena ene revenue fix lor plateau coument lezot pays ki ena petrol etc. But, our labour force is excellent and hard working. We have to thank the free education system where education has uplifted the country in a dramatic way. We are able to produce quality students and our laureates are one of the brilliant ones in the world. I say this because when they go abroad to study, they find it easy to settle there and they obtain the best of jobs there. to be accepted among the best jobs abroad, you have to be really excellent. Mauritian are very intelligent people! Maybe, not so intelligent afterall... keep reading to know why:

A mauritius without any natural resources having the ability to produce brilliant students.. but what do the so-called brilliant student do? They drain mauritius' resources, in terms of labour, to another country! We mauritians toil hard to pay through taxes for your education and at the end how do they repay us? by leaving the country to help other countries progress!! They are not even considerate of their parents and families. They leave everything for another country.. for money! you cannot say they have a better life there because mauritius has the better quality of life in my opinion. thats why we call mauritius a paradise!

Not only the student emigrate to another country, but people in their 40s also think they will have a better life abroad. The reality is they have to work as slave to be able to cope. most of them have 2 jobs and they also have to go/pay for a university to be able to stay in that country (the university itself rips off the few money those poor mauritians had!). well, after some years, they may think they have earned millions of rupees, but their dept is also high. housing depts, automobile depts, etc. Their earning may look like millions of rupees when converted to our currency, but they still live a beggers life there! They are so indulged into their struggle that they cannot come out of it! You will always hear people saying 'nou ale ramass cass dehors apres nou retourner nou amizer'.. well, how many people do you know that actually earned a lot and that actually came back to mauritius to enjoy? none to my knowledge!

Also, who will pay for your parent's pensions?? the taxpayers you would say? who are the tax payers? the working people, right? but then, many people are emigrating the country and therefore not enough tax payers to pay for your parents' pensions!!!!! And you know whats worse?? When they go abroad, they are paying the pensions of the elders of THAT country!! Guess where the country is going..

Mauritius acquired its independence but some people preferred to stay as slave. Therefore, it is futile to wish those slaves a happy independence day, right ? But nevertheless, for the sake of, lets wish everyone a happy independence day.. who knows they might get their independence after reading this.
Leave a comment below of what you think and let us hear your point of view..


carrotmadman6 said...

Happy Independence Day! :)

Yashvin said...

The comments box is back!!!

Well, again, we are back into the topic of "laureates".
Should the governement still provide scholarships and what are the conditions.
As we saw on my blog, loads of people do share the same opinion and are against the fact that the laureates use our money and get settled abroad without serving those who paid millions for their studies.

Lets hope that this will change afterwards, but for today, happy birthday Mauritius!

morinn said...

I think the government would have to implement something serious to stop the outflow of our brains and the mentality of students has to be worked on. I can't even count how many times my friends have told me that this country does not worth anything and that they would prefer to leave.
I think it's better to stay in Mauritius, in our home country and to try to bring a change. It might sound naive, I know, but I believe we can. :D

Happy independence day! :D

Yudz said...

well said.. change start with oneself! Change is the only constant in life..
We men we can!! Women we can!!!

reema said...

yud to blog topo net :)
sa national anthem la cool e le rest as tw mem tne dre li sme vry serious stuff!!!

gud continuation :)

Yashi said...

Very bad generalisation, probably due to the lack of proper information. Not a lot of Mauritians live as slaves. If some of them are, then it's because they were not well-informed about what to expect and how to live abroad. You don't need to take on debts if you have some intelligence. You don't need to BUY a house as soon as you land abroad. You don't need a car. You do have bills, but if you work, you should be able to cover them. The only gripe is that maybe you won't always be able to save a lot if you have a low-paid job which, maybe is due to you not having a degree If you don't have a degree, you will invariably have a lower standard of life. That's logical. I agree unis rip overseas students off, but when you have a degree, and you get a job, you have a nice life, unless you spend like a crazed fool. The pay for graduates is high enough to ensure a very good quality of life.

Now emigration is another topic of debate. But you just can't generalise and label people working abroad as slaves out of patriotic fervour. Us Mauritians have to learn to stop whinging and blaming other people and start looking ahead about what we can do for our country.

Btw the reason many don't come back might be because, according to you they bought a house here, so are planning a long-term stay abroad...

Kurt Avish said...

Ok here I come lol :D By the way Yudz you can try oci for the thing you were asking.

Now concerning the topic: I think some are idiots but not all. Example guy X get an offer to go to work on a contract and he is well paid with also accomodation and all..then i think he can go ( I dont say he has to go and live there till he die lol)

Now for those who think that there are golds under the bed in other countries..then they are wrong. Mo tou le temp dir un zafer.. si un piti dan maurice lin fer so paress li pan kapav develop li mem alor ki li expect pu vine millionair dan lot pays?

But it depends on many factors sa. Happy indepebdence :D

Yudz said...

@yashi: I agree there are exceptions. Its not that there is a lack of proper information, but the topic is vast that i didnt include all aspect of the issue. e.g you dont have a social life like in mauritius there; no friends, no relatives. your neighbor might die and you might never know it. the only social life is pub/disco and the likes.
well, if you dont own a house and a car, then you are living below standard! You know the bills better, i wont go into how much they are. expensive foods!
most probably they wont recognize a degree from Any other country. they will accept degree from their country itself.
As i said on IslandCrisis,
"i have been to usa for two years and visited london a few times. i have quite a few relatives abroad, many of them have a supposedly good job. but still they are heavily indepted and still paying up their depts after more than 10years.. quality of life is very poor.

however well they might be doing, they have to start from scratch.. being the owner of a house and decent commodities will take you a lifetime. your next generation will enjoy that to the earliest.."

One uncle is Advanced Nurse Practitioner, and 2 are software/network engineers in usa. 2other uncles are in london, had among the top job in mauritius, but i saw their condition there. (one husband-wife meet only once in a week despite living in the same roof. when one comes home, the other has already left for work and vice versa.)

If you rent a house, you will pay alot more than you would when you buy it. that also depends whether you plan to stay there or come back.

Good arguments from you too, not all of them are slaves, i guess roughly 95% you can say actually are!

sociology101 class: Never generalize!

@Avish: Never mind that, its not that important :P but it would have been better!

your two points make sense.. but the grass is never greener elsewhere!

Things to ponder: why mauritians abroad are more patriotic (to mauritius) than mauritians?

Anonymous said...

ene ti mistake: Education pas free dans maurice man .. nek scolariT

ban ki al unif bizin payer
ek ban ki pas al uom bizn paye encore plis

Bruno said...

I was awarded a scholarship to study an MSc in the UK. After I completed my MSc with distinction, I came back to work in Mauritius for one year (even if it was only a physics teacher job in the best secondary school in the country). Even when I decided to start a PhD I bothered to ask permission to the government before coming back to the UK.

Ashfaq said...

I honestly think, we should migrate and leave this country to dulthumun / manohur and other groups "socioculturel"
"Krit Manohur fine dir lor radio ki pays la appartenir pour malbar... eski zote dakor?

Dulthumun fin dire ki bane creole merite cki zote eter merite cki zote ena... pa plus pa moins..."

I would better leave that country and go where the soil is not earthquakable at ANYTIME !! ..

My cousin migrated to canada with 4 sons .. the guys were studying at all here, they were more disco type.. there they are studying!!finally!
my 2 uncles went to work in uk in the 60's and since 20years they own their own businesses !! they go on holidays each year around the world and none of my families abroad are thinking about coming back to settle again here.
It is just one more clicher to say that mauritians want to go and ramasse kash and come back pou jouir . in the end, i fink most of those who go would prefer remain there.

As for the independence of mauritius.. i wrote about this ;)too lolzz.

Happy anniversary mauritius .. waiting you drown those wild herbs on ur surface :))

Yashi said...

@ Yudz: You are again generalising by saying that there is no social life. I actually do have friends here as well as neighbours lol I keep in touch with my family and friends I have in Mauritius constantly, on a daily basis actually, the only difference being I don't see my family in flesh everyday (although I do on a webcam). That just comes with the package, if you are going to live here, you have to compromise. It's up to you to recognise that, but it doesn't mean you have to lead a wretched life. I have a more active social life in England than I used to do in Mauritius actually.

Also, if you don't own a house on the day you set foot in England, it doesn't mean your standard of living is low!! Mauritians can't buy a house here until they have permanent residency I think. Owning a house in England is a very high privilege, esp if you are foreign. I know I wouldn't be owning a house for the next 10 years or so, but my income is very comfortable, a house is a matter of luxury and what you think your long-term future is(for eg, I won't be buying a house coz I plan to return to Mauritius after some years). It's also an investment rather than a basic need. The bills aren't as low as in Mauritius, but you have a price to pay for top-class infrastructures. There are no power cuts here, no water shortages,...etc Your salary will always cover it. Like I said, the only thing is that you might not be able to save a lot at the beginning, but you can as your career progresses.

Like Kurt said, if you think it through and plan things without taking hasty decisions, you can live a great life abroad. The problem is that too many people just go abroad when they hear about "gold under the bed" and then start thinking.

What I really want to point out is that the standard of living of some Mauritians abroad (maybe 20%, not 95%) are of their own making, either due to lack of information or lack of planning.

Btw, Mauritians aren't more patriotic than Mauritians residing in the country. Patriotism is a very subjective issue, everyone have their own perception of it.

Yudz said...

@anonymous: there is something like if you pay for something then you will take care of it and use it fully. else, if you get everything for free you tend to abuse. but i think the fees at the uom is fair.. Rs 10,000 for 1year, roughly rs1000 for 1month, Rs30-Rs50 for 1 day.. you should make full use of it!

@Bruno: Good achievements. Though i agree you have some personal objectives, the country needs you :) This is something you should be proud of.. maybe some day you will be decorated as gcsk or something!

Yudz said...

@Yashi: lol.. right! the social life is never the same though, and definitely not better!
on the other side, rather than justifying the cause for emigration, why not see what you have to offer to the country and your parents/relatives/friends (the world is worthless without physical interaction with loved ones) and what your parents/relatives/friends and the country has to offer to you.
You may also consider what you and the country are losing when you emigrate.

Humour: I would selfishly like everyone to emigrate and leave more space for me to breathe, more opportunities for me, more and more of everything for ME! haha.

Yashi said...

@ Yudz : I wasn't trying to justify the cause for emigration, I was just trying to clear the misunderstandings about people staying abroad. I tend to think my career comes above everything else. But I am very young, my life isn't over yet, I have a lot to give to my country, which I will do when the time is ripe. As to what I can offer my loved ones and what they can offer me, that's my business lol not the country's business :)

Kurt Avish said...

Hey Yudz quoting from what you say above ""decorated as gcsk or something!""

In Mauritius LOl.. real people who REALLY merit the decoration often get it after the die lol... example am talking of Guness who died in the Mumbai terrorist attack and recently Raj Mudhoo... these are person who merit it but they get it after they die..

While SOME PEOPLE who are VERY FAMOUS and did nothing REALLY GREAT got the best medals lol.

Yudz said...

@Yashi: the ripe time never comes, thats the problem! as i mentioned, ppl get so indulged into it that it is very difficult to come out of it.
what you can offer your loved one and vice versa is not just your business! it englobes the whole social aspect. why do you think the government is coming with laws against alcohol etc? to decrease domestic violence! domestic violence, is it really the family problem or the country's? same for love.. if the family is happy, the country is happy!

@Avish: yes i agree.. that is another issue to discuss about :)
but i think if you really did something special which is obvious to the whole population, then why not!

Yashi said...

@ Yudz : What rubbish! What I can offer my loved one is my own business! you don't know what you are talking about. Because I am not in Mauritius, it doesn't mean my family is indulging in violence. What nonsense! You are just ALL the countries' problems on people emigrating lol and for your information, my family is happy, 90% of people have a nice life abroad, albeit a different life, so 90% of families related to these people are happy in Mauritius, so aren't indulging in family violence, acc to your logic!

Yudz said...

Ok chill. i think you misunderstood what i said or i didnt say it clearly.
ok fine, your loved ones is your own business. I did Not say ur family is indulging in violence yaar. and i am talking generally, not pinpointing to you. the violence part was an example with reference to alcohol.

your 90% happiness is too inflated. i wont even give 9%!! how can a family be happy when they are separated for a long time. just recently my neighbor went abroad to study (been 6months. her sis was already there for 4years). the parents are left here alone. before, they were a happy family and could be seen laughing and partying etc. but now they are virtually non-existant! i do visit them sometimes, its pitiful. they gave birth to them, nurtured with love for 20years, and then poof.. they're gone!!

But if you still think im talking nonsense, i would like to reiterate my humour seriously (:P)
" Humour: I would selfishly like everyone to emigrate and leave more space for me to breathe, more opportunities for me, more and more of everything for ME! haha. "

Yashi said...

@Yudz: I think this is going nowhere, this is my last comment on this topic, I think you are generalising too much, you are blaming everything on people emigrating, you ar exaggerating quite a few things, yeah my family is sad not to be seeing me everyday, but they know I am fine and I am living a good life, that's what makes them happy, and if someone is happy abroad, (which believe me or not, it is 90% of people), then their family is happy for them, they don't suddenly go into depression, like you mentioned. It's very old-fashioned to think that someone has to stay in the same house he or she was born into from birth till death!

Let's just agree to disagree. I will blame it on you if Man Utd lose today :P

BollywoodGuru said...

If someone decides to go abroad it is their choice and they have their reasons, it is not your place to decide whether they did the right thing or not. It's a free country, and a free world.

As for the whole family breaking issue, parents have to understand kids can't stay with them for a whole lifetime. A family should stay together for a kid's childhood/teenage years to be able to form a firm foundation. After that, to each his own! If a parent loves his/her child, he/she would allow that child to grow and become independent. Mama/Papa won't always be there to have your back.

Everyone has a vision of what they want from life, and if Mauritius isn't the best location/environment for them to achieve their dreams, then they will go look for it somewhere else. It's logical. And nobody has any right to judge other people who prefer to seek their fortune elsewhere. Cki ramass so bezer ramass so bezer, cki travay dure ek arriver, good for them!

"i have been to usa for two years and visited london a few times. i have quite a few relatives abroad, many of them have a supposedly good job. but still they are heavily indepted and still paying up their depts after more than 10years.. quality of life is very poor."

You can't generalise based on your own experiences. Before making statements like that, I require some kind of approved statistical proof. Your article or whatever it is is very emotionally based.

As for why Mauritians abroad are more patriotic than Mauritians in Mauritius then here is the answer: They miss their Motherland. Wherever Mauritians are, at heart they still have ties, and culture attached to the country where they grew up. It's just like romantic relationships; when you see someone everyday you don't appreciate the fact that you get to see them. But when you are separated you miss each other a lot more. It doesn't mean that you love somebody less when you are with them, you only appreciate them more when you are separated. Same goes for patriotism...

"you cannot say they have a better life there because mauritius has the better quality of life in my opinion. thats why we call mauritius a paradise!" => since you are speaking on basis of personal experience, I can tell you some things based on personal experience as well. When I was in Mauritius, and parents had middle-income jobs, I couldn't afford to buy 'gato' on the street. It would hurt me to see other children buying stuff and I couldn't... Now I can walk into a mall and buy ANYTHING I want without blinking an eye. So yeah, definitely a better quality life.

I will get back to you in about 6 months, when I have my own place since I've been saving up, and I just graduated from high school :)

lolercopter :D

Anonymous said...

Bien dir sa frere. to pas pou kav dir banla pas coner ki zot p raT akoz banla pan vivre mem ici. Nou nou grandi zot e banla nouri lot pays!..
(Ash The Reaper)

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